Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my USPS Member Profile?

Keeping your membership profile up to date ensures that you will receive newsletters, flyers, and announcements from your Squadron. Just follow these simple steps:•    Open your Internet browser program on your computer.
•    Go to: http://www.usps.org/cgi-bin-nat/tools/myprofile.cgi (or just click on this link).
•    Enter your Certificate Number and Zip OR Pin.
•    The “Manage Your Profile” page opens.
•    Scroll to bottom of page and click the “Get Additional HQ Data” button.
•    Make changes to the editable fields, particularly ensure correct into for:
o Address o E-Mail
Click the “Send Email” link to verify the entered address accurately
reaches you.
•    Save changes by clicking the “Update Now” button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You must have your Certificate Number to successfully log into the USPS system. If you can’t find it, send a request via e-mail to cdrgsps@gmail.com . Note that it may take several days to receive a reply.

How does one become a member?

Membership is by application and is for anyone who shares our common love of boating, has passed the public boating course, and who is interested in advancing the objectives of the organization.

Are you supported by the government?

No, USPS is a private, non-profit organization. It does not solicit or receive financial grants or aid from any government – federal, state or local.

Are you affiliated with the US Coast Guard or any other governmental agencies?

No, but USPS does cooperate closely with federal, state and local government agencies that promote boating safety. In doing so, USPS is not involved with law enforcement or on-the-water patrols.

What is the significance of the uniform?

The USPS uniform is the traditional English yachting uniform adopted by the New York Yacht Club in 1844 and by all American yacht clubs thereafter. The USPS uniform has distinctive insignia designating educational achievement, rank and service to the organization. However, it is not necessary to have a uniform to participate in the events sponsored by USPS and local Squadrons.

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