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The Greenwich Sail and Power Squadron, a unit of the United States Power Squadrons®, has approximately 160 members who enjoy sailboats and powerboats in the waters of Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. The Greenwich Sail & Power Squadron is part of District 2 of the United States Power Squadrons®  We welcome you to find out more about us on this site!

For more information, contact Susan Ryan at susan@greenwichsps.org.

About US Power Squadrons

USPS is a non-profit, boating educational and social organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable. We are part of nearly 35,000 members organized into over 350 squadrons across the country. For more information, go to: https://www.usps.org/index.php/about.

Our Squadron Officers


Cdr. William Vernon, Jr., P

Executive Officer

Administrative Officers
Lt/C Vicki Malara and Lt/C Cécile Delannes, P 

Educational Officer
D/Lt/C Andrew M. Cummings, JN 

Lt/C  Gordon Updegraff, S

Lt/C  Robert Henry, SN

Executive Committee:

Cdr William Vernon, P
P/C Leslie Napoleon, S
Lt/C Cécile Delannes, P
Lt/C Vicki Malara
Lt/C Andrew M. Cummings, JN
Lt/C Gordon Updegraff, S
Lt/C Robert Henry, SN
P/C George Dey, JN
P/C Rich Malloy, SN
P/D/C Susan Ryan, JN
P/C William Strong, JN
Lt George Friend, P
Lt David Leisten

Merit Mark Chair
Cdr William Vernon, P
Law Officer
Lt George Toper, AP
Liaison Officer
Lt  Harold L. Frost, AP
Public Relations Officer
P/D/C Susan Ryan, JN
Safety Officer
Lt/C Andrew M. Cummings, JN
Membership Chair
P/D/C Susan Ryan, JN
Boating Activities Chair
Lt/C Gordon Updegraff, S
Operations Training Chair
P/C George C. Dey, JN
Property Officer
Lt George Friend, P
Assistant Educational Officer
P/D/C Susan Ryan, JN
Boating Course Chair
Lt Ralph Kravitz, JN
Editors: Harbor Light
Lt Jeanine D. Giddings, AP
Lt/C Cécile Delannes, P
Computer Systems
P/C Rich Malloy, SN
Advanced Grades Chair
Lt/C  Robert Henry, SN
P/C Rich Malloy, SN
Lt/C Cécile Delannes, P

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